The Project

St William (part of the Berkeley Group) are developing this 2.5-acre site of decommissioned gasholders into over 900 new apartments in this prime location near to the Battersea Power Station development and the Northern Line Station.  

How was Flow used?

Flow was deployed on Phase 2 of the development to support St William in the management of their design team. Flow was utilised to develop an Integrated Design Programme covering all of the disciplines, including mapping the key integrations with the St William procurement processes. The workplan monitoring tool was then used to capture progress from the disciplines and the St William team, record issues impacting the team, and report actions required to keep the team on track. The tool was also used to develop robust and accurate reporting information for the project leadership team, including utilising the ‘targets engine’ to identify the critical chains leading to each of the key package milestones.  


The reporting component of Flow ensured that all members of the team captured progress and issues in a consistent way, directly reporting on the project schedule and enabling the schedule to be updated in real-time as a result. Flow enabled the Project Manager’s team to respond quickly to issues raised by the project team so that they were able to keep tight control of the schedule.