The Project

This complex programme of work incorporates the MoJ’s move into utilising standardised design elements for improving value and efficiency in the development of new custodial facilities. The project involved the first two planned developments using this approach at Wellingborough and Glen Parva.  

How was Flow used?

Kier utilised Flow during the early stages of their involvement, as the design moved from RIBA Stage 3 into Stage 4. The complex interfaces were mapped, between the works by the Standardised Design Team and those by the Site Specific Design Teams, to ensure that there was an integrated plan of work to meet the requirements of an equally complex procurement process. Having developed this Integrated Plan, Flow’s workplan functionality was utilised to provide focus for the team, to capture progress, to record issues and actions required to keep the team on track and to identify the risk areas in the development of the design.  


The structured and detailed interface model meant that areas of overlap or gap between the Standardised Design Team and Site Specific Design Teams’ responsibilities were avoided, and that the team could have full confidence in delivering information for a complex procurement process with a high level of confidence. The robust mapping of all the interfaces provided the means for the impact of progress to be understood and for the key risk areas to be monitored.