The Project

  • £100m new technology showcase project, the first in the country to deal with a whole district’s waste on one site
  • Part of a £750m Waste PFI Project
  • Emerging Efw technologies used for the first time on a single site

How was Flow used?

  • Structured the programme of design work
  • Defined the complexity of the delivery process
  • Optimised delivery sequence of the design
  • Produced Integrated design & procurement schedules
  • Provided active design process management
  • Integrated and controlled the process equipment supplier design in line with the overall programme requirements


  • Helped the team to avoid prohibitive liquidated damages
  • Enabled the achievement of key delivery milestones through design-supply chain-construction process optimisation
  • Successfully mitigated the perceived No. 1 risk on the project: through controlling the integration between the process supply chain design and the construction requirements
  • Retained the control and focus of the team through quickly re-establishing a design delivery baseline